Das Dorf

Like a little holiday

Exclusive atmosphere, classic and arched ceilings, casual elegance, quality German cooking - there are just a few attributes that make the "Das Dorf" restaurant worth a visit. And one thing is for sure: if you have eaten there once, you'll be back!


"Das Dorf" is located in an nineteenth century, protected building on the popular Lange Reihe. The managers, Axel Strehlitz and Sebastian Weskamp, know exactly how to best take advantage of their image. Rustic wooden tables harmonoize with real silver cutlery, 0vens dating from 1848, and elegant pillars.


The partners took over the traditional restaurant in November of 2009, and their approach says it all. "We want our patrons to feel comfortable and to go home feeling as relaxed as if they had taken a little holiday," Axel Strehlitz explains. They have more than succeeded in their intention: the service is friendly, while casually elegant.


"Das Dorf", offering the very best German cuisine, is well worth the slightly higher prices: baked goat cheese with honey pears and sage butter for 7.50 euros, and Hergoots B'scheißerle (home-made swabian pockets filled with spinach and walnut, served with fresh, wild garlic sauce) for 14.00 euros.


And for asparagus lovers, there are over half a dozen asparagus dishes to choose from. The delicacy is delivered fresh every day from the nearby Alten Land, including Sundays.


- Sarah Fenske -



Das Dorf, Lange Reihe 39, 20099 Hamburg, Tel.: 040 - 24 56 14.

Mon to Sat, as of 6pm. Sundays as of 5 pm.